Kosmic- Tomorrow Night

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 Another quick reminder that Kosmic Barnyard will be performing tomorrow
night, Friday, May 9th, at the 658 Bar and Lounge.  The 658 Bar and Lounge
islocated at 658 Main Street, Buffalo, a few doors down from the Main Street
enterance to Shea's Theatre.  Kosmic will be performing a one hour set
starting around 10:30 PM and is opening for "Rick James Dealer", another WNY
rock band.  For directions check out www.mapquest.com[1].   Next Friday, May
16th, Kosmic Barnyard will be part of the JPFolks Showcase at Quincy Street
on Transit Road in Depew.  The JPFolks Showcase will run from 10:00 PM until
2:00 AM and features 5 bands and a number of solo/acoustic acts.  Kosmic's
exact showtime has yet to be announced and we'll send a reminder out next
week as soon as we have more information.   Thanks, The Barnyard

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   2 http://g.msn.com/8HMIENUS/2740??PS=

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