Kosmic Barnyard- This Friday @ Quincy Street

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Hey folks!  Hope that everyone is doin' all right.  First things first... 
thank you to everyone that came out to see us last Friday night at 658.  
That was our first time at 658 and we hope to be back there again soon.  A 
special thanks to Mike for booking the show and Rick James Dealer for 
sharing the stage.

Kosmic will be taking part in the JPFolks Showcase this coming Friday night, 
May 16th, at Quincy Street.  The JPFolks Showcase will feature 5 bands and 
10 acoustic acts from all over the WNY area.  The showcase starts at 10:00 
PM and runs until 2:00 AM.  Kosmic's exact time slot will be announced later 
this week.  Quincy Street is located at 6348 Transit Road in Depew, NY.  
Visit www.quincyst.com or www.jpfolks.org for more information on the 
showcase and/or venue.  For directions call Quincy Street at (716) 206-0059 
or check out www.mapquest.com.  We hope to see you all out for what's sure 
to be a full night of good music.

In other news... we've been working hard on our new and improved website and 
we're almost ready to post it.  Hopefully it will be up sometime this week 
or next.  We'll send out a message when it's all set and please be sure to 
check it out.

The Barnyard

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