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Ladies and Gentlemen...

A last minute note to remind you all that Kosmic Barnyard will be performing 
TONIGHT, June 20th, at the 658 Bar & Lounge.  Kosmic will be opening for 
Buffalo jam/funk favorites MYOCLONIC JERK (they got a ton of horns and the 
whole 9).  Kosmic expects to play one 90 minute set beginning around 10:00 
PM.  658 is located two doors to the right of the Main St. entrance to 
Shea's Theatre in downtown Buffalo.  Visit the website for more info. and 

In other news...  Kosmic's next show is next Friday, June 27th at Merlin's 
Pub on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo.  We have also just added a FREE outdoor 
performance to the list for next Sunday, June 29th as part of the Artvoice 
Street Festival.  Kosmic will be playing at Frizzy's Bar & Grill beginning 
at 2:30 PM and stretching on into the afternoon.  Allen Street will actually 
be closed down for this event, which runs from 12 PM to 8 PM and will 
feature a ton of great bands at a variety of bars and street stages.  
Definitely do what you can to make it out and be sure to stop by Frizzy's at 
140 Allen Street.  Please also note that we now have TICKETS available for 
Blind Baby's Holiday (July 25th-27th).  A full listing of all the bands 
performing at Blind Baby's will be coming soon.  Tix are $30 presale and can 
be purchased at any of our gigs.  More info on all this can be found on our 
website, www.kosmicbarnyard.com, and in upcoming emails.

Hope to see you all tonight,
The Barnyard

PS:  A special thanks and a big welcome to all the new members to our email 
list... your interest in all things Kosmic is much appreciated!

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