KOSMIC BARNYARD- This Weekend In Lockport and More

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Sup y'all... hope everyone is enjoying their summer in between the fits 
rain!  I suppose we should all count our blessings as it could always be 
some kind of freaky summer snow.

Anyway, we just wanted to touch base on a couple of things.  First and 
foremost, we've got some more summer shows lined up, including a return to 
our roots this SATURDAY, JULY 17th, at GONZO's in LOCKPORT.  This is a FREE 
show so be sure to stop out and say what's up.  I know we haven't seen a lot 
of you in quite some time and this seems like the perfect opportunity to 
catch up on old times.  The party should start about 11:00 pm and rage on 
into the night.

Here's a couple of other things that we've got scheduled so far:

Thursday, July 29th- Merlin's (10:30 pm)
Kosmic busts out a short set at Merlin's after Arrested Development at 
Thursday At The Square.

Thursday, August 5th- McGarret's (11:00 pm)
Dave's the bomb, the music's good, and there's drink specials all night 
long.  What more could you ask for after Thursday At The Square?

Friday-Sunday, August 13th-15th- Blind Baby?s Holiday (Kosmic performs 
Friday night at 9:45pm)
Our favorite summer festival is back for 2004.  This year features camping, 
vendors, and, as always, a number of great bands including The New 44?s, 
Mecca Bodega, One World Tribe, Rhubarb, and Lazlo Hollyfeld.

As always, check out our website for more info on these shows.  We're 
working on a number of other possibilities for the remainder of the summer 
and will keep you posted on those as well.

In other news, we've made some updates to the website recently.  Nothing too 
crazy but be sure to scope Bryan's rant on today's technology in the "News" 
section and we've added a couple new pics to the "Photos" page.  We're also 
in the process of adding two new "Extras" to that section of the site for 
your internet entertainment.  Enjoy!

The Barnyard

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