KOSMIC BARNYARD- This Friday and More!

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Hello out there!  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather... seems 
that Summer may have actually made it to Western New York this year after 
all (better late than never I guess).
Anyway, we've got a few announcements to make on some upcoming shows and 
then we'll let you get back to the beers and bar-b-que.

This Friday, June 27th, Kosmic will be appearing at Merlin's Pub.  Merlin's 
Pub is located at 727 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY (right at the corner of 
Elmwood Ave. and Breckenridge St., a block north of West Ferry).  Kosmic is 
scheduled to perform two sets beginning around 10:30 PM.  For more info. or 
directions please contact Merlin's at (716) 883-7964 or check out our 

Kosmic is VERY excited to announce that this Sunday, June 29th, they will be 
performing a FREE, afternoon long, outdoors show on the patio of Frizzy's 
Bar & Grill as part of the Artvoice Street Festival.  Kosmic plans on 
performing two to three sets beginning around 2:30 PM.  Frizzy's is located 
at 140 Allen Street, in the historic Allentown section of Buffalo, NY (about 
a block or two east of the intersection of Elmwood and Allen).  For those of 
you that don't know, the Artvoice Street Festival is an annual day long 
celebration of music, dance, food, beverage, arts, and crafts hosted by the 
people behind the weekly Artvoice newspaper.  Allen St. will be closed down 
from noon until 8:00 PM and there will be a number of bands performing at 
bars along Allen, Elmwood, and Delaware with other bands playing from street 
stages.  For more info. or directions, as well as a listing of other 
participating performers, check out this week's Artvoice or call Frizzy's at 
(716) 883-5077.

We'd also like to prep you for a great show coming next week, Thursday, July 
3rd, at Nietzsche's.  Kosmic will be setting the stage for Buffalo rockers, 
The Feast, with a 90 minute set beginning at 9:00 PM, right after the 
Thursday at the Square festivities.  More info. and directions on this show 
soon... in the meantime check out The Feast at www.thefeast.freehosting.net.

Please, please, please don't forget about the 10th Annual Blind Baby's 
Holiday which is set for July 25th, 26th, and 27th.  The powers that be 
behind Blind Baby's are working overtime to make this year's festival one of 
the greatest yet.  Confirmed acts include John Brown's Body, One World 
Schleigho, Mecca Bodega, The Stoll Brothers, The New 44's, Rhubarb, and 
more!  Kosmic Barnyard's set time TBA.  Tickets are available for $30 
presale by contacting Kosmic or by calling (716) 433-6980 and include ALL 
camping and music for the weekend.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check in on all the latest 
news from us!  We REALLY appreciate it and we'll be sure to keep you updated 
on all this and more in future emails and through our website, 
www.kosmicbarnyard.com.  Throw an extra wiener on the grill for us and we'll 
see you next time.

The Barnyard

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