KOSMIC BARNYARD- Thank You and See You Soon

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 22:41:39 -0500

Just wanted to thank everyone that came out to our last two shows.  We saw a 
lot of old friends and met a lot of great new ones.  A special thanks to 
Clustafunk for rockin' it at the Sapphire Lounge with us... we're definitely 
looking forward to doing something like that again.

We've decided to lay low for a bit to work on some new (and old) stuff.  We 
also plan on continuing to work on updating and changing the website so be 
sure to check in from time to time to scope the latest version.  We'll be 
sure to give everyone a head's-up when we're ready to hit the stage again 
and will post any upcoming shows on the site.  Until then, take care of each 
other and stay warm!
The Barnyard

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