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Just wanted to remind everybody that Kosmic will be opening tomorrow's 
Thursday at The Square concert.  We'll be doing a 30-40 minute set starting 
right at 5:00 PM so if you want to catch us in action be sure to get there 
early.  Kosmic will be followed by Boston, MA jam/funk/rockers Addison 
Groove Project and the show will be headlined by G-LOVE and THE SPECIAL 
SAUCE!  Thursday at The Square is a FREE weekly concert series held in 
Lafayette Square located in downtown Buffalo.  Once again, this is a FREE 
show.  Please come out and show your support for local music, see an 
excellent headliner, have a beer and maybe a hotdog, and enjoy some of the 
best of what Buffalo has to offer.

Tomorrow's show will also mark the debut of our newly recorded demo CD.  
This CD contains three tracks that were recently recorded at Garden Studios 
in Lockport, NY.  We will have a limited number available tomorrow that we 
will be giving out for FREE so be sure to stop by the merchandise table to 
pick up your copy.  After tomorrow, the demo CD will be made available 
through our website and at all of our upcoming shows.  Speaking of the 
website, we are in the process of making several updates and content changes 
so swing by to see what's new.  By next week we hope to have the 
aforementioned three studio tracks available for download on our "Music" 
page and a new selection playing on the digital jukebox; we're also looking 
towards finally having the "Guestbook" up and functional.

Thank you again for your continued interest and support.  We hope to see a 
bunch of you out at The Square tomorrow (pray for sunshine!).

The Barnyard

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