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We're back!  Did you miss our spam as much as we missed spamming you?  We 
hope so!  Anyway, we hope that the last four months have been good to 
everyone out there.  We'd like to think that we spent our time wisely- 
writing new material, learning some new covers, and revamping some old 
favorites.  I guess we'll let you be the judge of that though.

With that said, what's all this noise about a summer tour?  Well, it isn't 
really a "tour" per se, but we are going to be easing back into regular 
gigging for the summer and fall starting in June.  Some of the things that 
we've confirmed so far are as follows:

June 5th- Rhubarb Family Picnic
June 17th- Nietzsche's
June 23rd- McGarret's
August 13th-15th- Blind Baby's Holiday

We'll be sending out individual reminders for each of these shows but we 
thought that we'd like to drop a note to say "hello" and give everyone a 
brief overview of things.  As always, check the website, 
www.kosmicbarnyard.com, for the latest show information and details.  You 
may want to swing by the site anyway since we've made a few updates and 
changes over the past couple months.  There's some new tunes in the Jukebox, 
our Photos page is up and running, as is our Guest Book (feel free to leave 
us a little something something anytime).  We've also added a new feature 
called "Extras."  This feature will have a bunch of cool and funky pages 
where you guys can mess around and entertain yourselves.  The first page 
we've got up there stars our drummer, Randy.  We plan to update the Extras, 
as well as the music and pics, as often as possible.

Well, if you've made it this far thanks for reading.  Keep those show dates 
in mind and check out the website.  Take care of yourselves and each other 
and we'll see you soon.
The Barnyard

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