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Hey everybody...
   It's been a while since we last sent one of these emails out. We hope 
everyone out there is doing well and enjoying these last few weeks of summer.
   Just wanted to write to let everyone know that Kosmic is still around and 
kicking it. We haven't played much since Eclipse in Lockport was shut down 
earlier this summer. What a bummer huh? Luckily, our brethren in the New 44's 
have hosted a few get togethers around town and we hope to be part of one soon.
   We do have an out of town gig this weekend, Saturday, September 14th, at the 
University of Rochester. Its a combination battle of the bands, pig roast, and 
all around party to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. If anyone is 
interested in attending, drop us a line and we'll get you directions and all 
the pertinent information.
   Other than that, be sure to drop by the website to check out some new tunes 
that we recently placed on our Music page.  We're planning on updating the 
website soon with some new logo designs that we've been working on. Stickers 
and/or T-shirts may follow soon so stay tuned.
   We have also discussed hitting the studio sometime in the Fall to record a 
CD. We are currently in the planning and rehearsal stages of this project and 
we'll let you know more as we get closer to a date.
   Last, but not least, Kosmic will be making a return to Heenans in Buffalo on 
October 9th. We had a great time there last time and we encourage everyone to 
try and make it down. There's always great drink specials available and an even 
better vibe.
Love and Respect,
The Barnyard

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