Friday, May 9th- 658 Bar and Lounge

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Hey there everybody!  We'd like to start off by thanking all of you that
cameout to our last show, April 23rd, at McGarret's, it was nice to see a
bunch of you there and we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.  A special
thanks to the newest members on our email list, thank you for your interest
in the band and we hope to see you and your friends at future shows. 

With that said... Kosmic Barnyard will be performing Friday, May 9th, at the
658 Bar and Lounge.  This is a new venue for us and we're looking forward to
checking it out and meeting some new people.  For those of you that don't
know, the 658 Bar and Lounge is located at (believe it or not) 658 Main
Street in downtown Buffalo, a couple doors down from the Main Street side of
Shea's Theatre.  For directions visit[1].  The show starts
at 10:30PM and Kosmic has the opening slot so get there early!  We're
planning on doing a 60 to 80 minute set. 

Thanks again and we'll see you next Friday! 

The Barnyard

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