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Well kids, we are fast approaching the 10th annual Blind Baby's Holiday and 
it's shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory!  There are a bunch 
of great regional and local bands set to take part and the buzz created by 
this year's promotion team is greater than ever before.  If you haven't 
already, please take a minute to check out the new Blind Baby's website at  It's chock full of info on the festival, 
directions to the venue, ticket information, and links to the various band 
websites.  Be sure to keep your eye out for the first annual Blind Baby's 
magazine as well.  This is a free publication with writeups on the festival, 
its history, and all of the bands taking part in this year's festivities.  
You'll find the magazine at newsstands and music venues all over the area.

Kosmic Barnyard's Blind Baby's set time has officially been set for 
Saturday, July 26th at 3:00 PM so be sure to take a break from the heat and 
wander over to the stage about that time.  As always, tickets can be 
purchased through the band or by contacting the ticket sales people listed 
on the Blind Baby's website.

In other news... we've been working hard in the studio the last couple of 
weeks on our first studio effort in years!  So far it's coming along 
beautifully and I think that we're really going to have some great stuff to 
offer you.  As of now, we plan on packaging selected tracks from the studio 
in a FREE promotional demo CD that we'll hand out at our shows and through 
our website.  We hope to have something completed by Blind Baby's or shortly 

Also... PLEASE DO NOT forget about Thursday, August 7th as Kosmic Barnyard 
will be performing a 40 minute set at Buffalo's Thursday at the Square 
concert series.  This is going to be a great show with Kosmic opening for 
Addison Groove Project and G-LOVE and the SPECIAL SAUCE!  Remember, this 
show is absolutely FREE and Kosmic will start promptly at 5:00 PM so get 
there EARLY to be certain to catch our set.

Thanks again for your continued interest in the band, enjoy the summer, and 
we hope to see everyone out at Blind Baby's Holiday July 25th-27th.

The Barnyard

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