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  Hand gestures
  It's not just the ideology that comes with Zamanfou; Greeks are people who 
use lots of hand movement and body language to complement their speech. One can 
use a characteristic hand movement to accompany the exclamation of one being in 
a Zamanfou-state-of-mind: The hand movement is done by driving the hand toward 
the genitalia. The exact way this is done depends on the mood of the 
practitioner and to whom he/she is addressing. This is also a part of Zamanfou. 
There are some main techniques though which are usually copied by the younger 
kids but then evolve into a personal characteristic with distinctive 
variations. Most of the times these gestures are followed by an exclamation of 
satisfaction/contempt by saying "naaaaa" (meaning "Heeeere").

  Some techniques that are used:

    a.. Flat hand "me mania": The hand is driven with force toward the 
genitalia with palm facing outward and at the last minute decrease in speed and 
hits the side of leg next to genitalia hard enough to make a slight slapping 
    b.. Direct down: The hand is placed vertical to the ground and driven 
straight down toward the genitalia with decreasing speed.
    c.. Full length: This technique is most often used when the practitioner 
wishes to give emphasis. Here the hand starts from the foot which has been 
risen to the height of the waist. The hand later follows the inside of the leg 
while it remains in the air and the hand's palm is facing outwards. The gesture 
finishes when the hand reaches the genitalia.
    d.. Double: For great emphasis, the practitioner uses both the two hands, 
doing the correspondent movement as described above. In this case, the 
exclamation "ÏÏ' ÎÏÏÎÎÎÎ ÎÎÏ" matches better. In chat, this is 
expressed by the string \/ which resembles the form/position of the hands.

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