AnimaTOR Workshop @ SRM Chennai on August 14-15, 2010

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*Emanagineer AnimaTOR Workshop @ SRM Chennai*

In AnimaTOR Workshop participants will find that apart from usual technical
stuff, a deep insight (how it works, how to make one,various technical and
designing aspects) of various animation movies will be given to the
participants which is in no match to any technical knowledge given to the
students in their regular programs. This interest is something they wish to
do from the very first day when they saw first animated movie but due to
lack of proper guidance these are never pursued.

One thing is for sure that you can get lot of people to tell you the various
technical aspects of an animation but someone who can develop the interest
and make you realize this interest is very rare and that's what we do at




              Emanagineer India is an Indian entity exploring itself in
varied training based sectors like Educational Robotics, Animation, Ethical
Hacking, Industrial Automation, Aero Modelling and Automotive Mechanics
etc. Emanagineer India had trained more than *3,500 participants* across
India in various workshop fields. These Workshops are intended to produce
technocrats for the next generation.

* *

·         We are the only one in India having done an outreach programme of
*IIT Bombay* &*IIT BHU* festivals in varied fields.

·         We have developed our own teaching methodology inspired from
various top notch educational and corporate institutions.

*Our  Client lists***

              Emanagineer India has captured vast number of elite colleges
of engineering by organizing workshops and other programmes for them in
various educational institutions through their festivals. We have served an
esteemed clientele (including *IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee,  IIT BHU
Varanasi*, NIT Nagpur, NIT Jaipur, NIT Durgapur, NIT Kurukshetra, Thapar
University Patiala, CUSAT Kochi, DCE Delhi, NSIT Delhi, ABV-IIITM Gwalior
and about 40 engineering colleges. We have successfully reached out an
excess of 3500 students through the workshops organized by us.


*Topics to be covered in AnimaTOR Workshop***

·   Introduction to Animation

·   About & Working of MAYA

·   GUI

·   Creating Primitive shapes

·   Learning about Different modes of an object

·   Familiarizing Tool Palette

·   Modeling

·   Texturing

·   Lighting

·   Creating Camera

·   Simple rendering

·   Rigging

·   Time Line & Animation

·   Character Animation

·   Project Maintenance

·   Advance Rendering*  *

*Certification and Workshop Handouts***


·         All of the participants will get the “Certificate of Excellence in
Animation” from Emanagineer India.

·   Comprehensive Study Material for each participant.

* *

*Course Duration*


         16 hours (To be covered in 2 days)

* *

*Eligibility Criteria***

All students/professionals having an interest in animation / designing
industry are eligible to attend this workshop.
The Prerequisite for joining this workshop is zero and it is a basic level
*      *

*Workshop Charges***

Rs.  800 per participant.

The fees include study material, Certification, training charges and
applicable taxes etc.

* *


Register at 

* *



*Event Manager at Emanagineer India***

Name                :  Mayur Dev Sewak
Cellphone         : +91-7827-032-111 | +91-9953-480-885
Email Address  : mayursewak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Website            :

*AnimaTOR @ SMS*

For getting full address, dates, and important details about AnimaTOR
Workshop at SRM Chennai
Just sms  EM SRM  to 7827-032-111

*If you want to organise this workshop or workshop in various other fields
like Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Robotics, Animation, Aeromodelling

*You can mail your queries to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or (click

*Or simply call @ 07827-032-111*

*We also provide sponsorships in campus festivals.*

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