[klasse-rot] Allererste E-mail an die leere Mailing Liste

  • From: thomas_piehl@xxxxxxx
  • To: klasse-rot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:51:03 +0200

Um Mails an alle Personen zu senden, die bereits auf der Liste sind schickt 
man einfach eine e-Mail an:   klasse-rot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jeder der auf der Liste ist bekommt dann diese E-mail, auch wenn er sie 
selbst geschrieben hat.
Um jemanden der Liste hinzuzufügen schickt mir (dem Administrator) bitte 
eine e-mail mit dem Betreff: Subscribe  an thomas_piehl@xxxxxxx

Thomas (der Administrator)
-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Mon, 10 May 2010 08:15:47 -0400 (EDT)
Von: FreeLists Staff <staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: thomas_piehl@xxxxxxx
Betreff: Your FreeLists Mailing List

        Welcome to the FreeLists community!

Your FreeLists mailing list is ready for use. Please read this document
carefully and keep it for future reference.

All functions of your list can be controlled through the web by logging in
at http://www.freelists.org/login.html To take full advantage of all
FreeLists features, please login and take a look around. Many special
features that may appeal to your users are not turned on by default. Please
send a test message to your list to make sure things are functioning

Some important starter info:

- To post on your mailing list, simply send email to

- If  you have a large list (i.e., thousands of users), feel free to email 
staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your subscriber list -- we can add your 
subscribers manually (see below).

- You can unsubscribe from the list by sending an e-mail with the subject
UNSUBSCRIBE to the mailinglist owner: THOMAS_PIEHL@xxxxxxx

- Full documentation of the online administration system is available at
http://www.freelists.org/help/. We encourage you to get the most out of the
web interfaces, and we encourage subscribers to do the same. Please let
your list members know about the advantages of exploring the FreeLists Web
Login. As an administrator, you can configure site preferences through the
FreeLists Portal Administrator, and list preferences through the
administrative portion of the FreeLists Web Login. See
http://www.freelists.org/login.html for more information.

- View your list's information at http://www.freelists.org/list/klasse-rot 
your list's webpage (once you set it up) at

- Online, searchable archives of your list are available at
http://www.freelists.org/archive/klasse-rot Each list's archive is
automatically updated as new messages come in.

- There's a FAQ at http://www.freelists.org/wiki/the_faq that you might
want to let your subscribers in on.

- There are some general guidlines to configuring your list at
http://www.freelists.org/help/recommended-config.html Any other questions
should be routed to freelists-users, described below.

- Got a large subscriber list? We can help you subscribe them all! 
Subscribing 10,000 users through the web interface can be quite a hassle 
take a long time. We can do it for you behind-the-scenes: just email
staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx your subscriber list (in a plain text file, one email
address only per line) and we'll subscribe the users manually.

- We understand that you'll probably want to send some test messages to 
new list to try out the features before putting the list into production. 
These messages will appear in the archives, so we've provided a feature 
allows you to remove specific messages at will. Just log in to the Portal
Administrator and go to "Archive Settings."

If you have any questions or comments, at any point, please feel free to
contact us by visiting http://www.freelists.org/contact.html or by emailing

-- The FreeLists Team
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