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The Butte Valley Ambulance Service, Inc. and Dorris Volunteer Fire
Department did have a meeting to discuss issues and try and find ways to
mutually work together for the best patient care for the citizens of Butte
Valley.  A draft plan was agreed upon and we are currently working through
the insurance and mutual agreements between the City of Dorris (Dorris
Volunteer Fire Department) and the Butte Valley Ambulance Service, Inc. 


We have another dinner/meeting scheduled for March 4th, 2010 at 5:30pm at
the Butte Valley Ambulance building.  We have invited crew members and all
interested in finalizing the plan to have Dorris Volunteer Fire Department
EMT's that are available to jump on board the BVAS ambulance when needed.   


Gregg Surface, Dorris Fire Commissioner attended the BVAS monthly board
meeting to discuss issues going forward and to help facilitate recruitment,
training, and mutually working together.


As soon as more information is available and a formal agreement is finalized
we will let you know.


Thank you,

Heather Criss

Butte Valley Ambulance Service, Inc.


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Thank you Dan, I appreciate the work you are doing and trust that your
diligence will pay off.


On another matter.  I was able to attend the Dorris Fire annual banquet and
was treated to a fine dinner by an organization that showed a lot of pride
in their service to their community.  Thank you Chief Frost for the
invitation.  Also in attendance were personnel from Basin, and Butte Valley


Since then, I heard that the Dorris Fire and Butte Valley Ambulance people
got together for a meeting.  Can anyone provide an update on this?


Monte B Keady

Division Chief - Training/EMS

Klamath County Fire District No. 1

143 N Broad Street, 

Klamath Falls OR 97601

541.885.2059 ext.109



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Dear All


We are still working on the scope of practice issue of Oregon personnel
responding into California.  When I last sent you an email, we had made a
number of contacts with the state.  They are being very helpful in this
matter.  At this point our Medical Director, nurse clinical staff and I have
drafted a position based upon regulation, other state documents and our
"interpretation" of those documents.  The position deals with EMTs and
Paramedics.  Nursing issues are being dealt with between us and the BRN, the
nursing licensure authority. 


While I wish there was an answer today to our questions, we want to be
extremely accurate.  It seems as though these matters would be clearly
defined, but that is not the case.


When we have definitive answers I will let you know.


Thanks again for your patience with this important matter and bearing with



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