[kjmlisteners] The Night Owl Variety Show, Variety Showdown, and Matt's Bar and Grill, all with DJ Celrock this Weekend!

  • From: "DJ Celrock" <djcelrock@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "The Listeners of KJM Online" <kjmlisteners@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 17:54:13 -0400

Hello Listeners, 
Yeppers, that subject line is not a typo, I will indeed, be doing all 3 of 
those shows this weekend!  It all kicks off tonight at 10 PM Eastern, and will 
gbe running until 1 AM Eastern, when I present to you all, another fabulous 
edition, of The Night Owl Variety Show!  I can't decide if I want to do a 
Rewind Edition, where I only play music between the years 1950 and 2000, play a 
game of Alphabet Soup, or, just whatever random variety comes down the pike!  I 
guess you'll just have to tune in at 10 PM Eastern tonight and find out!

But that's not all!  I will also be back tomorrow evening from 6 PM to 9 PM 
Eastern, as I cover for DJ McMeyhem, on The Variety Showdown!  I can tell you 
this much, that 3 hour show will be an anything gozes show, and I will 
definitely be taking your requests, so feel free to send them in!  That also 
goes for The Night Owl Variety Show tonight as well!

Then, come join me for 5 hours on Saturday evening, as I cover for DJ Matt, on 
Matt's Bar and Grill!  And yes, I have covered on a show similar to this format 
in the past for another DJ on another station, so you can bet that your fillin 
DJ, host, and bar tender, will be mixing up some great stuff for your Saturday 
night!  We'll have songs referencing alcohol, lots of great music along with 
your requests, and I might even do something that you will probably not hear 
all that often on this show, but yes, I do still have the commedians lying 
around that I ran when they were featured on other shows I've covered on in the 
past, and one of them DJ Matt just happened to like very much, and so, it's 
possible, that they will be making a special appearance at the bar and grill 
during our last hour on Saturday!  Now that show goes from 7 PM Eastern until 
12 AM Eastern, thus, our commedian would appear at 11, and thus, I'll only be 
taking your requests up until 10:30 PM Eastern on Saturday night, but 
nonetheless, we're gonna have 5 hours of fun, where, it's ok to get a little 

If you wish to tune in, you can go to the website of 
http://www.kjmonline.6te.net, and hit the Listen link towards the bottom of the 

You can also follow the station on Twitter, at 

And of course, you can use all of my contact details, provided, down, at the 
very bottom of this email, as they will work for all 3 shows I am doing this 

And so, I hope you can come join me, for a fun filled weekend of great music 
and entertainment, right here, on the only station, where freedom and fun 
matter, KJM Online!

Your Host, 
DJ Celrock!!!

Email: djcelrock@xxxxxxxxx
MSN WLM: DJCelrock@xxxxxxxxxxx
AIM: DJCelrock
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Ph: (641)715-3800 Access Code 87982 ext. 815

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