[kismac] Re: worldwide KisMAP file

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:57:53 +0200

At 6:25 PM +0200 2003/04/27, Brad Knowles wrote:

>>   Search your own GPS location:
>>   <http://www.mapquest.com/maps/city.adp>
>       This map isn't all that great, either.  They have completely
>  mis-mapped the city of Brussels, Belgium.  The link that Mick
>  provided knew not only the city I'm in but also the commune, and was
>  able to give me a lat/long that I knew to be accurate within a couple
>  hundredths of a degree -- more accurate than I can get for myself
>  with hand-held GPS units.

        For example, MapQuest thinks that "1050 Ixelles" is located at 
the star shown at the top of this map (see 

        In truth, I live much closer to the road shown as "Ave. Moliere" 
near the bottom of the map.  Mapquest is at least two or three 
communes off.

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>

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