[kismac] Re: tiBook 400mhz, Airport card, 10.4.6, 0.2a - can't use as primary device

  • From: Christopher Marks <chris.marks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 14:58:13 +0100


It seems my email client is playing up a bit with the send servers I use. Apologies about the double-post to the list!

On 4 May 2006, at 14:57, Christopher Marks wrote:

How do you find out the HW version of the NIC? I'm looking for one, but apparently it doesn't state it anywhere on the box?


On 3 May 2006, at 21:43, Erik Winkler wrote:

A D-Link DWL-122 <B>, HW ver: A1

Not sure if these are available anymore, except maybe on Ebay. They may have changed the HW version since I got mine back in 2003.


On May 3, 2006, at 11:36 AM, Matt Kime wrote:

which usb device do you use?

On 5/3/06, Erik Winkler <ewinkler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you are interested in packet reinjection, prism2 is your only
option.  I use a prism2 pcmcia card on my Ti Powerbook and a USB
prism2 device on my 12" powerbook and both work fine with Kismac.
Any of the other cards, including the built-in cards, are fine for
wireless discovery and packet capture or analysis.

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