[kismac] senao / ioxperts problems, new hardware recommendations?

  • From: Curious Hacker <zenbumper@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 15:33:29 -0700

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Hey y'all,

got a quick q for you..

i am running a 1st generation powerbook 17 with a senao cd2511-ext card  
and the ioxperts driver. i am running 10.3.9.

the card is super buggy with the sourceforge driver, but works with the  
ioxperts driver for normal use.

BUT if i start using Kismac, there will inevitably be problems  
unloading the driver and i end up rebooting every few days..

Can anyone else verify this problem?  If people can verify it, the next  
step is can anyone recommend a new setup for me?

fwiw, i also tried a cisco aironet lmc352 and used cisco's osx driver,  
but it would never unload to let kismac load.. so i'm trying to figure  
out if something is jacked in my system or if i've just picked the  
wrong cards / drivers.

i want to stay pc card instead of usb. i definitely like the whole high  
power + external antenna bit, but i totally want to be able to load and  
unload kismac whenever i want without destabilizing my system.

i will eventually be loading yellow dog linux or free bsd to dual boot  
into for the really interesting stuff and it would be nice if the setup  
worked there too, but that is secondary... and anyway linux and bsd  
support for prisms and aironets is pretty tight.

i would like to be able to change the mac address. and while we are on  
the subject of spoofing MACs, if i recompile my kernel a la:
then will i be able to spoof macs with ifconfig regardless of my card?



PS: lasse sent out this link earlier:

this card looks great.. anyone with a pb17 / osx10.3.9 care to comment?

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