[kismac] repost: re: MAC customization

  • From: Gerry <curioushacker@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 22:15:51 -0700

hi, forgive the repost, i never saw the original come through my inbox again:

got the new card, works decently with kismac and the ioxperts driver,
although there are issues with reloading the ioxperts driver after
exiting kismac.. i need to find time to investigate kextloading and
kextunloading by hand as a matter of convenience.

that being said, the ioxperts driver does not appear to allow you to
change the MAC address of any cards using it.  Tiger appears to allow
you to arbitrarily specify MAC addresses as long as the hardware
driver allows it, so you can change en0, for example.

given the current lack of GT cards in the market, i would say that
you can't expect to change the MAC address of any cards out there
today at the application layer unless you are running stuff old
enough for the sourceforge driver to work. (or have coded your own
driver and don't want to share!)

perhaps some folks with spare time on their hands might like to work
on porting the bsd wi or an drivers, or maybe even the sourceforge
mac driver to tiger... although the possibilities of an open 802.11g
driver (like mick's) are pretty slick. (unfortunately it appears that
802.11g cards don't come with external antenna jacks like their b
counterparts, so perhaps a working b driver will be quite useful for
a few more years)

so where does that leave us?  at my current skill level, i would
guess that the only way to send truly anonymous packets is to craft
them at lower levels of the osi model, but i have not yet ventured
into this territory. People talk about the tool ettercap for packet
crafting.  perhaps by gaining access to raw sockets as root you can
craft whatever you like and inject at the link layer..

this is all speculation until i get the time to play around a bit
more... i am particularly interested in finding out what raw sockets
get me, and if i am visualizing the osi layers properly. if anyone
here can correct me or shed additional light, please reply to the
list or email me privately!


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On Jul 29, 2005, at 7:29 AM, Java Nut wrote:

Did you or anyone else successfully managed to spoof a MAC address
with a Prism2 card or any USB device?

I was able to do a PRISM2 card in OS X 10.2.8 with the source forge wireless driver and an older version of KisMac by choosing to install the patch, and then using the WirelessMac application. This method does not work in Panther, and I don't know what to do in Tiger. I am interested in how to do this in more modern versions of OS X.

Bob, can you share the current state of your Guide? Thanks.

Gerry, did you have any luck with your new PRISM2 card you said you
had on the way July 19?


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