[kismac] Re: problems trying to get a WEP key

  • From: "Theo Baschak" <tbaschak@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 19:20:14 -0600

I got bored at work the other day, and got about 350,000 IVs, which
wasn't enough to crack the key. It was enough to prove to my
co-workers that WEP isn't easily enough broke to worry about casual


On 2/26/06, Nate Gallagher <natevoodoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm a newbie too.
> I've posted about an inability to get IVs three times.
> Noone has responded.
> I can only assume that it's a known problem without a solution.
> I also assume it's not cool to talk about cracking WEPs bc it's illegal
> and this is an open list.
> There are other Unix programs out there that will run faster and
> possibly better through the prompt.
> Downside is that you have to spend more time tweaking them and learning
> how they work.
> Also, it seems that there are a lot. I have had some success with
> those, esp. aircrack which compiles dump data files from KisMAC way
> faster. PCs are also much likelier to have more or better software for
> this particular task. But what can I say, I like my Mac for so many
> more things.
> I have still not collected enough IVs or cracked the network within
> range of my apartment.
> Been trying since September and only have 144, 000 IVs. Which is 10% of
> what I supposedly need.
> Packet Injection and Deauthenticating generate the most traffic, but
> they cause the program to crash and random intervals so they are
> unreliable.
> What causes the most packets is someone using the network. It appears
> that this is not a heavy use network.
> There may be security features for my particular network which I'm not
> aware of.
> I have seen posted that many WEP networks are able to switch their key
> at regular intervals.
> If that's the case for me then my collection of packets are not
> compatible with eachother and I will never generate enough IVs in a
> short enough time to have a consistent, crackable set of data.
> Good Luck to you. If you learn anything new, feel free to email me
> personally.
> Nate
> --- Kharlyt <Kharlyt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I am using Kismac R88,  I have a airport extreme card on my ibook and
> >
> > a "macwireless 11b USB adapter" plugged in.
> > I use the "apple airport extreme card, passive mode" and "usb device
> >
> > with prism chipset, passive mode" (although I don't know what chipset
> >
> > is used by my usb device".
> > after different problems I could make deauthanticate flood and
> > reinject packets but after 5 minutes I had only 90 Data Packets and
> > Unique IVs and 3 inj packets.
> > Is there anything I forgot to do or did wrong ?
> > How am I supposed to do to get a WEP key with my config ?
> > I am a newbie.
> > thanks.
> > K
> >
> >

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