[kismac] Re: prism2 driver woes

  • From: Gerald Koh <gk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 01:22:00 -0500

thanks for the info! the goal is not to have kismac running whenever the the machine is on, it is that kismac fails to unload the driver sometimes, forcing a reboot the next time i want to run it. typically this happens every few days, and usually after i leave it one for a few hours or more (although sometimes it only scans for like 30 sec and stops)

what exactly does the driver tool do? can't i just go into /dev/ and type some stuff to do the same thing?




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On Feb 24, 2004, at 6:26 AM, Brad Knowles wrote:

At 8:57 PM -0500 2004/02/23, Gerald Koh wrote:

also, i am currently not using any 'real' drivers like ioxpert's or
the sourceforge driver. if i use one of these instead, will kismac
use it instead of its own driver and thereby skip the whole loading
/ unloading process?

Not unless you elect to run PseudoJack on top of the third-party driver.

If you want the full stealth features of KisMac, you need to use the built-in MacJack driver.

its kind of frustrating since i'm shooting
for uptime records and this is currently forcing me to reboot every
few days!

You could set the machine to auto-login on boot/reboot, auto-start KisMac on login, and then set KisMac to auto-scan on startup.

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