[kismac] Re: no data from GPS...

  • From: Patrick Munson <pmunce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 06:06:22 -0800

Maybe there is something quirky going on with my computer. I am close to reinstalling from scratch soon so then I will know for sure.

In the mean time I will look into enable/disable(ing) of sentences sent from my GPS unit.

Once the GPS works I will be jazzed.

On Mar 5, 2004, at 2:27 AM, Michael Rossberg wrote:

At the bottom of my map tab there is a report that the GPS subsystem is working but there is no data.

I know in fact there is data as my Route66 map software works although it is 10 seconds behind but that is another issue. Respond to this if you like also.

I am not running both KisMac and Route66 at the same time either. Anyone have some insight into what is going on here?

can your GPS enable/disable certain NMEA sentences? if so make sure $GPGGA sentences are enabled. if it does not work let me know and i give you a debug version of kismac, which will spit out a lot of more informations...

Not once have I had a program crash in OS10 that didn't require restarting my computer. This is what we gave up OS9 for...protected memory. Well, there is no such thing apparently.

Furthermore, there is no other piece of software that causes me to have to reboot more often than KisMac.

This is truly a shame as KisMac is one of the most attractive pieces of software I have seen.

mh. well i am the only core developer, and i dont notice things which do not occur on my computer. i did not have a crash of kismac for months. but already another processor speed, which might let some race conditions happen can cause a crash. i dont have the capacity of a whole company...
apart from that there is protected memory, however kismac uses kernel extensions and if they crash your computer dies. if there is a reproducible crash let me know.


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