[kismac] Re: newbie q: no packets showing up?

  • From: Gerald Koh <gk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:10:54 -0500

thanks for the info!

so essentially, since the card can't capture packets, it can't break the WEP encryption of any networks.. i will check out the MN-510 and keep an eye on the driver project.

is there a list of cards somewhere that shows the chipsets that they use? should i not hold my breath for airport extreme drivers?




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On Jan 30, 2004, at 4:52 PM, David Reid wrote:

The limitation is the Airport Extreme cards are used for active
scanning. The drivers do not allow the card to be put into monitor mode
(similar to promiscuous mode on ethernet cards) which allows for passive

During active scanning the Airport Extreme card is used to send a
"probe" request and waits for a response from the access point. Having
to actually send a packet makes one visibile to the AP (or any passive
scanners around.) You also can not capture packets because (like when an
ethernet card isn't in promiscuous mode) the card ignores anything not
addressed to it.

If you really want passive scanning/packet capture on your 17" PB pickup
a nice supported PCMCIA card or like i'm doing is currently using a
Microsoft MN-510 USB Adapter. It's got good range and even includes an
internal antenna connector, which with a little modding to the case
becomes an external antenna connector. :)


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 23:26, Gerald Koh wrote:
ummm... i'm using an airport extreme card, in a PB17. i understand
that the airport extreme cards are limited in some way or another right
now, until a little reverse engineering love happens, but i'm unclear
on the exact limitations. is the problem described below the
limitation? in which case the program really doesn't do anything but
identify networks?

i was thinking that maybe the program worked but you could be detected
using it.


On Jan 29, 2004, at 9:29 PM, Theodore wrote:

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What kinda card are you using? the Airport Extreme ones aren't capable
of raw packet capturing like the prism2/orinoco ones ...

- -Theo

On 29-Jan-04, at 4:50 PM, Gerald Koh wrote:


just downloaded kismac008a and started fooling around with it on my
airport extreme card..

i picked the appropriate driver in the kismac driver tool and the
kismac preferences and started scanning. all the local networks
showed up, including signal strength, but none of them showed any
packets going across them. the packet count stays at 0.

am i missing something obvious here? does this have to do with the
lack of support for the airport extreme card?



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