[kismac] Re: little tutorial

  • From: BendAR <bendar@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 21:01:21 +0200

you need between 500k and 2m data packets to have a good shot at cracking a wep-enabled network. kismac can do it in a few seconds, faster than aircrack. consider trying out the packet reinjection, though i've never had any success generating traffic with it.
it takes a good while for a generic home-network to generate this much traffic so reinjection may be your only option if you're not 'just pentesting your own'. ask mick for the specifics, i assume he reads all the posts.

2M data packets with packet reinjection or with normal passive scanning? Because with packet reinjection I got always an error: KisMAC was unable to start a reinjection attack, because: The networks seems to be not reacting. It's the problem you described?
With which function I finally try to get in? Wordlist Attack, Weak Sheduling Attack or Bruteforce?

you might want to consider improving your english skills before you write said tutorial. if you dont want to do that, get someone to proofread it..

hehe, I hadn't said that I want to write the tutorial in english. I'm only curious and want to share my with others.
I know my english isn't very good (thank you school), but I hope it's good enough for the communication in the list :)

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