[kismac] Re: little guide to MAC address customization

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  • Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 11:49:17 -0500

Thanks for posting this guide. I would like to share its existence with the readers of the Source Forge driver support and development lists. The complete guide is posted at


I also have some suggestions for making the guide more complete. By sharing this, the readers of either the Kismac list or the source forge lists can make contributions of information.

Here are come comments and questions for all to review, with exerpts of the guide quoted for context....

Tested on Panther and Tiger, but might work on all X OSes.....

Hopefully someone could test and indicate whether this works in Jaguar (10.2.8).

- Panther: WirelessMac does not work in Panther. Patch the kernel following
the instruction posted here ....

Please include link to the referenced instructions for Panther.

- Tiger: method not supported. the patch for the sf driver is not yet ported
to Tiger.

Has anyone began to look at what it would take to port the patch? Would the programming changes to patch it be similar or totally different?

...>Note: PrismGT based cards are increasingly difficult to find as vendors are
silently replacing the chipset in these cards without anyway of knowing. Try
your card before you buy it.

A list of vendors known or believed likely to be shipping Prism GT cards would be helpful. If anyone got a PRISM GT Card please speak up on what kind and where obtained.

On all Mac OSes, flash the firmware following this set of instructions and
the Windows exe firmware patcher from
Note: Do this at own risk!

Is there a Mac based flasher, or do we really have to flash it in Windows? Does it hurt the card if one does it repeatedly?


What are the leading chipsets used in wireless cards available for purchase today? Which are increasing in popularity and which are declining?

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