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  • Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 23:37:23 +0100

Hi Mick,
On 09.04.2004 08:04, "FreeLists Mailing List Manager"
<ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> if you show the scan hierarchy, you
> can filter for certain SSIDs and Channels. If you leave such a filter
> enabled and draw an area map you can nicely see which access points
> overlap. you can also draw the coverage of a company or a university
> WLAN, i would not call this exactly useless

I didn't realise this until you mentioned it :) I can only plot/filter the
area of one node at a time. How do I filter more than one AP (I've tried
highlighting the nodes and using shift but to no avail).Attached screenshot
Picture 1.jpg.

I've also noticed that some nodes are appearing twice. I'm using the same
kismac and .kismap files for multiple scans. These are the same nodes with
the same Mac address. Any idea why this is happening ? Attached screenshot

Last point, if I double click on my .kismac file , KisMac opens but the data
isn't displayed. Instead I have to do a FILE OPEN with KisMac and select the

Thanks for your help Mick,
Danny 087 2798927.

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