[kismac] ioxperts bug and kextunload question

  • From: Gerald Koh <gk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 23:12:57 -0400

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i have a senao nl-2511cd plus ext2 radio with an external hyperlink 
technologies blade antenna, using the ioxperts driver under panther. i 
have discovered a bug, which i reported to the ioxperts folks, however 
they seem to be too busy over there to pay much attention to it.  
perhaps someone on the list has a workaround?

basically, most of the time when i  wake the computer from sleep or 
switch networks, the driver doesn't automatically connect and i need to 
open the control panel prefpane and click the 'apply' button.  then 
everything works fine (except for some random issues that sometiimes 
require ejecting the card, waiting, and reinserting).

is there a way to write a script or something that does the equivalent 
of clicking the prefpane's 'apply' button when the computer wakes?  i 
know this isn't really a kismac question, but i can't think of a better 
place than this to ask.

so here's a kismac question.

sometimes the driver fails to unload after a session, which currently 
requires a reboot to fix.  i posted a question about that a while back, 
to which someone suggested using kextunload to remove the driver.  i 
haven't actually messed with this yet, because i have another question 
about it.  is the kismac driver tool move than just a gui for kextload 
and kextunload? because if not, then the shell commands would not be 
successful anyway and i'd be wasting my time learning about them.



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