[kismac] feedback KisMAC 0.04e1

  • From: ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 09:01:37 +0200

>At 8:54 +0200 03/06/02, ard.jonker@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>have fun and gimme some feedback ;-)
>Some GPS receivers have their 'initialised, no fix yet' position 
>read as (360,720). Kismac seems to parse '36.000000N,720.000000E', 
>where '360.00000,720.00000' would probably more correct. I'll go out 
>to get me some real fixes, and I'll recalibrate my map using the 
>receiver to give you more feedback on this topic.

The general system of GPS readings works OK, so it is only the 
3-digit situation of initialisation; ie. nothing to worry about. A 
tiny point worth considering: if the signal is not accurate (what is 
accurate, something for the prefs?) the trace 'wanders off' and 
produces garbage. <more happy feedback applies>

Another point that might be as a low priority on the wish list: 
'clear' when in 'networks'. Sometimes I just want to clear all the 
found networks (and even are incligned to click "yes, I'm sure" 
button) rather than having to leave Kismac (hey, there is no 'you 
have found networks and have not saved them, are you sure you want to 
quit Kismac' dialog in effect...) and clear the found list that way.


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