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Look at the side of the card opposite the bus connector.  You will see =
two things.  One is an antenna jack, a Lucent standard MMCX I believe.  =
The other looks like a plastic plug in a hole.  IF you pop the plug off, =
you will see just that, a hole.  If you use a light, and magnifying =
lens, you will see there is nothing there.  Only places where the =
connector would be soldered onto the board on the card.  But...  Some DO =
in fact have a second connector there.  If you do, you will see it =


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> On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 04:01 PM, N. Karras wrote:
> >
> > Most Apple Airport cards don't have a second antenna connector.  The =
> > place which looks as if it would have one generally does not.  Only=20
> > the =3D
> > very early ones did.
> Can you just pop off a plastic cover on the ones that had the=20
> connector?  How do you investigate if the card you has has the feature =

> or not?
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