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  • Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 19:01:07 -0400

Most Apple Airport cards don't have a second antenna connector.  The =
place which looks as if it would have one generally does not.  Only the =
very early ones did.

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> On Wed, 7 May 2003 14:59:19 -0400 (EDT)
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> > OOC, has anyone seen a well-done hack for ibooks? Ive got an ibook,
> > and while the antenna is great, i'd love to hack in an external
> > connector for a directional antenna..
> I know 2 ways, with out damaging anything, until now... but couldn't =
> them out (we don't have any ibook at all here :( ).
> 1.) it should be very easy to detach the modem port. now you can just
> get an cable through this howl oder you can try to use this free space
> to build a sma/mmca/mcx/smb/smc... connector in, instead of the modem
> port.
> 2.) same thing should be possible with any usb port (other ports might
> be more difficult)
> 3.) am really thin cables like rg 174/188/316 or rg 178/196 fit =
> through the Kensington-lock (but in this way you won't be able to =
> the cable anymore :( )
> 4.) I think the most interesting way is that an mmcx connector fits
> through the Kensington-lock (you must rasp it a bit). If someone sends
> me an straight mmcx connector and a mmcx socket (its to expensiv for =
> in the moment :( ) will try if it's possible to do this. (and someone
> has to persuade mike that I get his Ti again ;))
> Does someone know (perhaps rob ?!?) how to build a HF-Antennaswitch or
> how to activate the second external antenna port of the airport card =
> an hardware problem ...)? Because then we would be able to use the
> internal antenna and an external antenna with to open the Ti/iMac all
> the time.
> Sorry for my bad English *grr*
> cu ulf

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