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Also, the network may have a higher power base station than your airport card - you can hear it in passive mode, but your airport card isn't transmitting strongly enough for it to pick you up.

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The networks you see in your Airport menu are those which are broadcasting their network name (or "SSID"). However, for added security (although only a bit of added security), some people turn off SSID broadcast on networks. To connect to such a network, you need to choose "Other..." from the Airport network, then type in the SSID. KisMAC can often identify the SSID of networks which do not broadcast them. However, getting the SSID is only one-third of the battle.

You also need to know the network key if the network is encrypted (i.e. if it has "WEP", "WPA", "LEAP" or anything other than "NO" in the Encryption column in KisMAC (unencrypted networks show up as green dots on the map).

Finally, the network administrator may have a list of network adapter hardware addresses (or "MAC addresses") which are allowed to connect to the network. If this is the case, either your adapter's MAC address needs to be on the approved list, or you need to fake your MAC address (which, while possible, is not an easy thing to do).

In general, if a network hides its SSID and/or uses encryption and/ or has a MAC address access list, it's because the administrator doesn't want you to connect to it... and attempting to do so (often even if that attempt is unsuccessful) could be a criminal offence. In fact, it's just as much of an offence to connect to an open network that broadcasts its SSID if you do so without permission, but you can always use the "oh, my computer did it all by itself" excuse in that case.



I am using Kismac sometimes with my airport express card, sometimes with my dwl-122 and I realize that a lot of networks that are seen in KisMAC are not seen once it is quit and that I look at the networks found with my airport card alone, and so it is not possible to connect to those and use them. Is there a way to connect to these ? 'cause I suppose if it can be seen, it should be possible to connect to it in a way or the other...



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