[kismac] Re: cheap usb network card

  • From: themacuser <themacuser@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 17:56:51 +1030

Use a udp flooder to generate lots of traffic. That works better than linux dvd isos.
hping should work well.

On 10/02/2006, at 2:11 PM, Christoph Koehler wrote:

Thanks guys!
Any card that supports g as well, and 100% supports injections? This
is pretty important.

As an alternative, if I cannot find a card with injection, I was going
to just use my Airport Extreme in passive mode and use a second laptop
that is on the network to download a bunch of linux dvd iso or
something to generate lots of traffic. Would that give me enough IV's
to crack it in a reasonable time? (reasonable = < 20-30 minutes)


On 2/9/06, themacuser <themacuser@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The G moden uses a different chipset and isnt supported AFAIK.
On 10/02/2006, at 9:38 AM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

I recommend the DLink DWL-122.  That works very nicely with KisMAC
(not entirely sure about reinjection), and even comes with an
extension USB cable.  No idea about the G model however - I have
only the 802.11b model.  Should be no more than $15-20 on eBay.

Hey guys,

First of all, it's great to see so many people starting to work on
KisMac again!!
I was wondering, can any of you guys recommend cheap USB network card
for use in Kismac? I have a course project this semester and I need a
wireless network card for my iBook that can at least do passive scan
and injection, if possible also mac address spoofing.

So, if you guys can recommend something cheap off newegg or ebay,
maybe even with a link, that would be awesome!!

Thanks in advance!


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