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  • From: themacuser <themacuser@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 09:24:40 +1030

That list is quite out of date. It doesn't even list passive AirPort Extreme capability.

Anyway, my setup is:

PowerBook G4 12" 1.33GHZ
Passive with AirPort Extreme working fine.
USGlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS (with Prolific drivers, not USGlobalSat drivers)

On 08/02/2006, at 4:20 AM, John Warren wrote:

Hey thanks for no one calling me stupid, i found it here for those of
you who asked questions as well.  I don't know how up to date it is,
but it looks to have very relevant data.


On 2/6/06, John Warren <xaive1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Please note, the picture I attached is random hardware that was not
checked by the names included.  That was for demonstration purposes
only.  Sorry for using you names without permission.

On 2/6/06, John Warren <xaive1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I notice there is a lot of questions about wireless devices,
functionality, etc. It seems these questions are popping up on a lot
of different threads. Is there a page, or a page in the works, that
lists off devices and their "status" or their unknown state. Please
see attached pic for basic idea.

This might also be a great thread to post your setup and it's
functionality.  For instance:

iBook G4 1.33 using Airport Extreme
Passive no longer functioning (worked for about 4 weeks)
Kismac cannot find drivers.
Active Fully functional
Looking for a fully functional hardware alternative for passive support

GPS using Garmin Rino 120 in NMEA.


Graphite Clamshell using Airport.
Passive mode functional, but no injection possible.

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