[kismac] Re: Which wireless network card to buy?

  • From: Erik Winkler <ewinkler@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 10:38:37 -0500

I've used the D-link DWL-122 to crack WEP keys on my test network using my 12" Powerbook. It is a prism based USB adapter. Packet reinjection works great, but the range is about half that of your standard PCMCIA prism based card and there is no way I know of to add an antenna.


On Mar 5, 2005, at 7:33 PM, Frederik Holden wrote:

Hi fellow KisMACers.
I discovered that I cannot crack the passwords of wireless networks
using my PowerBook 12"'s Airport Extreme card. I am therefore looking
for an extra wireless network card that will fit my machine. If I'm
not mistaken, USB should be the best solution for me, since my
PowerBook doesn't have any PCI slots. I've been searching around, and
this network card seems to be quite good for my purpose:
http://www.senao.com.tw/english/product/ product_wireless01_outdoor_1.asp?tp1id=02&tp2id=03&proid=000124
Additional advice on which network card to choose would be much
appreciated. One that works good for portability would be awesome too.
I have USB 2, if that's important.
Frederik Holden.

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