[kismac] Re: WANTED (dead or alive)

  • From: Stefan Jeglinski <jeglin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 19:47:01 -0400

>i just uploaded c3 which will allow you guys to at least to use kismac 
>file=KisMAC005c3.zip>. and for the hardcore guys a completely untested 
>feature: wordlist attacks against apple basestations.
>hope some one figures out what is wrong =|

OK, as for other reports, this version now works on my iBook. 
Interestingly, the first time I ran it I lost Airport after the 
program quit. So I spent some time dicking around with various things 
but could never get the airport back. Then I ran Kismac again, and 
this second time I got airport back. Weird. I have no idea if the 
things I did made a difference or whether it was just time to get it 

At least I know the limitations. I certainly hope the culprit is 
found. I will continue playing with it and see if I have any more 

Otherwise, I have these two suggestions:

1) Can we have a feature to save the admin password somewhere so I 
don't have to reenter it every time I launch?

2) Can we have a pref = "yes, override the driver load, I know the 
dangers"? ... most often accomplished with a "don't show this dialog 
again" checkbox.

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