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I got mine today and I can confirm it works fine with kismac. Mick-- do you know what i need to change in th d-link driver to make it work with this device?

Geoff On Jan 26, 2004, at 7:28 PM, Nathan Karras wrote:

But WHY he means? I agree too... Why not just charge less at first?

The only reason other than Mick's idea (Which I had not considered before,
and is a good one too), is that they are trying to push their products at
THEIR, and not the RESELLER's expense...


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On 21-Jan-04, at 2:57 PM, Michael Rossberg wrote:

I don't know if they are compatible with Kismac because they are
intersil prism3, but ecost.com has usb 802.11b devices for FREE after
$29.00 rebate. I thought some of you might be interested

i cannot guarantee it, but all prism3 devices i have seen are compatible. we probably have to add the device id to kismac, though. if it is compatible, then there would also be the possibility to modify the d-link dwl-122 driver to support this device under os x.


ps. it is a little off-topic, but can anyone explain me what the deal
is with mail-in rebate?! i did never understand this, is it money for
giving them your address?

Basically.. you buy something for $x price.. and then you mail in a
form.. and the reciept.. and they send you a cheque for the rebate
ammount.. sometimes (like in this case) the rebate is for the full
purchase price)


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