[kismac] Re: USB dongle and Prism GT

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i found your article interesting. i've to ask you one thing about extensions 
and drivers... Where can i find interesting info about extensions? (developing 
related i mean) Is a driver like the one of the DWL-122 a combination of a USB 
driver plus a wireless driver or are them one single code block? Is there a way 
to put the GTDriver (wireless part) into the DWL-122 driver to obtain a driver 
for GT Cards by USB?

Thanks to all

PS: Hope i'm not going OT
PPS: Excuse my english, i'm doing my best ...

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> >> I wrote a "How-To" for this in french. If you wanna take a look:
> >> <http://cirdec.com/etoilenoire.html>
> >>
> >I'll try to translate it and see if i can adapt it to my case.
> I did translate it myself. You can now read it in english.

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