[kismac] Re: USB dongle and Prism GT

  • From: "ferrarir@xxxxxxxxx" <ferrarir@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "kismac" <kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:05:36 +0100

Thank you for your answer...

> 1) Find what chipset your DWL-G120 is based on.
DLink DWL-G120 is a Prism GT based usb card. I'm quite sure of that because 
taking a look at windows drivers it contains files named Prism... and of course 
many web sites say that it's a Prism GT based card.

> 2) Find another device with the same chipset that has a MacOS driver.
> Install this driver, it may work.
Not tried yet but i don't know any card that is usb, has a prism GT chip and 
works under mac os. Do you know some?

> 3) If it doesn't work, find the kernel extention that was installed by the
> driver. It is in /System/Library/Extensions. Open the package and look into
> the .plist documents. Replace the name, vendorID and constructorID from the
> original driver to the ones from your DWL-G120 (you can see them in "System
> Profiler").
> I wrote a "How-To" for this in french. If you wanna take a look:
> <http://cirdec.com/etoilenoire.html>
I'll try to translate it and see if i can adapt it to my case.

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