[kismac] Re: Trouble with iBook, and airport.

  • From: "Joseph W. Sullivan" <sullivan@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 09:37:54 -0700


This problem of people downloading .11 has come up several time. If you are on the mailing list we got a notice about .12 and a link <http://binaervarianz.de/downloads.php?action=download&mirror=http&file_id=21>

I went to the KisMAC website and the 'Download' tab at the top of the home page takes you to the summary download page that points you to 11b. Only if you click on the 'downloads' item in the menu list on the left do you get a pointer to .12a

A suggestion would be to update the main download page ;-)

Cheers, Joe

Brad Knowles wrote:

At 1:19 AM -0500 2004-06-23, David Buttrick wrote:

 This might be due to other problems - like WPA, but it was not a problem
 until I updated Kismac to .11 and ran it, and setup the driver.

There were a variety of problems with that version. Get the latest .12 version and try that. I'm not guaranteeing that this will fix your particular problems, I'm just saying that .11 is a known problematic release and should be avoided.

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