[kismac] Re: System freeze after load of WirelessDriver.kext after unload of MACJack.kext

  • From: Rob Frohne <frohro@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 10:59:16 -0700

Hi Mick,

I confirmed you fixed the bug with sleep mode.  I think the other one 
may be something less common.  I haven't tried it on my main user yet, 
but hopefully I'll get a chance to try that sometime today.

Thanks for the good work!  You have done more to fix problems with the 
sourceforge driver than anyone else in quite a while!


On Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 09:15 AM, Michael Rossberg wrote:

>> The first time I tried the new version of KisMAC below, I got a kernel
>> panic.  The second time I tried it from another account, and KisMAC
>> worked ok, and switched to the WirelessDriver just fine, but when I
>> put the powerbook to sleep, the sleep light never flashed, and the
>> power book became unresponsive with a black screen.  I had to reboot.
> i have no explanation for the crash, however i fixed the bug with the
> sleep mode (i had to rewrite the power management of the sf driver).
> the results are in
> <http://www.stud.tu-ilmenau.de/~miro-in/KisMAC005a2.zip>. you have to
> reboot to make the changes work. i hope this helps :o/
> mick
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