[kismac] Re: Still no capture with DLink G650

  • From: Alex De Maria <adblues@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 02:15:23 +0100

I've worked on it a little bit more and I've prevented the "original" driver from being loaded upon the insertion of the USB stick in the port. Now (after having compiled kismac once more), the Kismac driver for this USB stick is loaded apparently with no troubles (no errors appears on the console) but no data are captured at all (actually almost the same symptoms I got with the DWL G650, except the kernel panic at the end).

Do I need an exorcist? :-D



Il giorno 24/feb/07, alle ore 01:32, Bug Dave ha scritto:

can you post this to the trac. Assuming it the same chipset it should be able to work fine with kismac! :D Please create a ticket with the info on the trac. http://kismac.de/_trac/

On Feb 23, 2007, at 7:13 PM, Alex De Maria wrote:

I have performed the suggested modification and compiled again.
It doesn't work.
By the way please note that inserting the device in the USB port I got these values into the console: vendor = 0x0b05 product id = 0x1703 which is already in the list of devices.

I assume it is not supported anyway.



Il giorno 23/feb/07, alle ore 11:13, Jeroen ha scritto:

I've tried with an ASUS WL-167g (Ralink RT2570) but it didn't work either.

That one should work on an intel machine. I have such a stick and tried it on an intel machine. Works fine. We just need someone to write the drivers for a ppc machine, as I don't own any intel macs yet.

This could have been added in a newer version than mine

in the downloaded sources, go into
and edit

        // ralink RT73
    {0x07d1, 0x3c03},   /* D-LINK */
    {0x07d1, 0x3c04},   /* D-LINK */
    {0x050d, 0x705a},   /* Belkin */
{0x0b05, 0x1723}, /* ASUS WL-167G RALINK RT2500 */ /* mailcomment: add this line to the file */

#define dIntersilDeviceCount 32
#define dZydasDeviceCount 1
#define dRalinkDeviceCount 28
#define dRT73DeviceCount 4 /* mailcomment: This said 3, set it to four to include the added line */

That solved it for intel on rev 196.
Could have been added ad then you have another problem (try console.log for more info)

Good Luck,

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