[kismac] Re: Solution to AE Passive Mode kernel panics, unable to load Monitor Mode

  • From: "Brian" <whj6z7602@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 09:49:20 -0400

On May 1, 2006, at 12:00 AM, Robin L Darroch robin-at-spade-men.com | KisMAC list/personal| wrote:

--- the proposal ---

1) the installer should continue to do NOTHING about enabling or otherwise Airport Extreme "permanent" passive mode support

2) when adding the Airport Extreme passive mode adapter in the drivers preference pane, KisMAC should check if system-level passive support already enabled
* if not:
- enables system-level passive support
- recommends STRONGLY (see below) that the user reboot prior to scanning
* else:
- no need to do anything - it will work

3) the check box at the bottom should be cleared by default, but re- labeled "disable system level passive mode support" - if the user ticks this box, a warning will come up indicating that they may cause problems including Kernel panics if they attempt to scan without first deactivating all processes using the Airport Extreme card.

4) when removing Airport Extreme passive mode adapter from the drivers list, I would suggest doing nothing (frequently they'll want to add it in at a later date, and we can save a reboot by doing nothing). However, we *could* prompt the user "Do you wish to disable system-level passive support at this time?", with a default of No.

--- end proposal ---

By the above combination of steps we:
- ensure that the simplest user experience is correct
- ensure that the program does not need an installer to run correctly
- still allow expert users to disable system-level support (which is really what "permanent" passive support is), but warns them what they'll be getting into

What does everyone think of that plan?

I like that much better, thanks. :)

(BTW, my "most I'd be willing to compromise" quip was only wrt. my threshold for compiling it myself w/ modifications, not some kind of silly threat or anything -- I'm not sure it came across the way I meant it <g>)

 - Brian

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