[kismac] Senao SL-2511CD Plus Support/Panther 10.3.2

  • From: <vinylone@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:57:56 -0700

On the word of someone somewhere, I bought a Senao SL-2511CD Plus (internal 
antennae). I see from the Kismac project pages there's support for the 
SL-2511CD Plus EXT2, this card's iteration which sports 2 external antennae. My 
Powerbook G4 of course has an Airport Extreme card which jus' don't work with 
Kismac (Broadcom...), hence the Senao purchase, with the Prism2 chipset. 
Theoretically i'll shut down the airport, and scan with this pccard device. Hm!

A page from one commerical source for this card,  
http://www.netgate.com/EL2511.html  , points to a driver page out at 
Sourceforge, http://wirelessdriver.sourceforge.net/index.html for a driver. 
This is the Panther 10.2 driver.  

The page  
indicates that Kismac will WORK on this 'family' of card, the EXT2 variety, but 
it never really says what OS X iteration this works on, I assume it's 10.2...or 
is it 10.3? Obvious to some, this isn't so for me, and I admit I don't get 
everything by any stretch. I further *assume* that the sourceforge driver is 
THE driver for this card. Is this in error? Does another driver exist?

Anyway, the new 0.08a Kismac is now out, w/ 10.3 support. This sourceforge 
driver, will it WORK on 10.3.2, and with my internal-antennae iteration of the 
SL-2511CD Plus card? I can't imagine where the antennae formfactor of this card 
would affect whether this driver will work or not. Could be it's the 0.07 
Kismac I need....

Forgive me if i've missed something obvious, just looking for a bit of 
clarification, can't quite pull all the pieces together....
Am I OVERANALYZING the situation, and tying myself in KNOTS??

thanks LOTS in advance,


Eric Lecht

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