[kismac] Re: Senao NL-2511CD PLUS

  • From: "Andreas H." <mailinglist_andreas@xxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 20:20:20 +0200

Thanks John for your complete answer.

I don´t want to use the Senao card as wireless NIC, I only want to let it work 100% with KisMac. It uses the Prism2 driver. It seems to work perfect with KisMac until I try to inject packets. It says it is injecting but then the scanning stops and no packets are collected anymore. After stopping and starting scanning again, it collects packets again. Only injection doesn´t work. I don´t know if this is a failure of my Senao card or a bug in KisMac?


+-o pccard156,2@0,0 <class IOPCCard16Device, registered, matched$
| | | {
| | | "Power Management protected data" = "{ theNumberOfPowerStat$
| | | "IOName" = "pccard156,2"
| | | "FunctionID" = 6
| | | "IOInterruptControllers" = ("IOPCCardInterruptController000$
| | | "VendorID" = 342
| | | "FunctionName" = "Network Adapter"
| | | "IODeviceMemory" = ({"offset"=0,"parent"= ({"address"=184467$
| | | "FunctionExtension" = (<0107>,<0240420f00>,<0280841e00>,<02$
| | | "VersionOneInfo" = ("INTERSIL","HFA384x/ IEEE","Version 01.0$
| | | "Power Management private data" = "{ this object = 031edd00$
| | | "IOInterruptSpecifiers" = (<00000000>)
| | | "SocketNumber" = 0
| | | "IOGeneralInterest" = "IOCommand is not serializable"
| | | "DeviceID" = 2
| | | "FunctionNumber" = 0
| | | }

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On 29.03.2006, at 16:11, John Ruschmeyer wrote:

Is the problem with getting the card usable as a wireless NIC under Mac OS X or with getting it to work with KisMAC?

If the problem is using it as a network adapter, you probably need an appropriate driver (or a patch to an existing driver to recognize the card).

For drivers, two recommendations:

1) The IOXperts driver (commercial- http://www.ioexperts.com)
2) The OpenSource Wireless Driver for Hermes/Prism cards (http:// wirelessdriver.sf.net)

If you go with option 2, be sure to read all the documentation for how to configure "unknown" cards. Basically, it involves using 'ioreg -l' to find the pccard id of your card and then editing a file to add it to the supported card list.

If the problem is having your card work with KisMAC, then this is the point where I need help too...

I have a Zcomax XI-300 card (Prism 2-based) which is working well with the WirelessDriver (after adding it to the list). KisMAC can't seem to find it, though.


alex dray wrote:
hi all,

bit of a newbie here....having trouble getting my smc2532w-b card working. Not really looking for a walk-through, but if someone could point me in the direction of relevant drivers/documentation it would be greatly appreciated...


On 3/28/06, *Andreas H.* <mailinglist_andreas@xxxxxx <mailto:mailinglist_andreas@xxxxxx>> wrote:

    How can the Senao NL-2511CD PLUS Wireless LAN PC Card correctly
    identified by Mac OS X?


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