[kismac] Re: Question on USB-nics

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:02:35 +0100

At 6:44 AM -0700 2005-01-14, Eric Lecht wrote:

 I've been busy the last 6 mos (yes, who hasn't?), sorta lost some of
 the recent threads, but is the Airport Extreme still hosed for passive

So far as I know, yes.

 I am giving my son my Powerbook (medical emergency), and buying an iBook
 for myself like TODAY.  Of course it has no pc-card slot, and they ALL
 come w/ Airport Extremes these days.

Well, your son would be fine for using KisMac, since he could always choose to use a third-party card.

 This snippet of the last thread jarred my memory, and I wonder....what
 options i'll have. I did see a few DOZEN plain ol' Airport cards
 for sale down at Mac Shack in Boulder, when last I visited my son at
 college about 7 months ago...they found a source somehow...

Using an iBook, I think your only option will be to use a USB WiFi device, but I'm not sure which ones are supported for use with KisMac in passive mode.

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