[kismac] Re: Prism2 usb By roper

  • From: Stefan Jeglinski <jeglin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:02:28 -0400

So.... this is :
" <dict>
<integer>24838</integer> -> this is overwirtten in IntersiBase and Intersil prism 2
<integer>5736</integer> -> and this


When i plug in my device i have this details in apple prof:

USB Device:

  ID prodotto:  24838 ($6106)
  Velocità:        Fino a 12 Mb/sec
  Numero di Serie:      111111111111
  Potenza Bus (mA):     500
  ID produttore:        5736

Yes, it looks like you did the correct overwrites. Are you absolutely sure this is the entry for your wireless adapter? I once forgot I had a USB-serial adapter plugged into a cube that I was doing this for, and accidently kept putting the serial adapter's numbers in.

I have write the product id and vendor id like you have said but now when i go to preferences->wireless adaptor it says that no wireless device is attached.

Did you throw away the kextcache and reboot? Does your device have any lights on it to indicate anything?

Also, I said this approach is your "best bet." The only off-brand USB wireless adapter for which I personally know this truly works is the Syntax. Maybe there's something else happening that prevents it from working for your device. Also, I'm on a Nov 2002 iBook (and a Cube via a hub), different from your PB.

Also, try rebooting with the adapter already plugged in. When I repeated this once on another laptop, it wouldn't work until it "caught" and the way that happened was to reboot while the thing was already plugged in. After that, I could plug it in at any time; and as I mentioned, I can get a kernel panic when I unplug it, from time to time.

Stefan Jeglinski

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