[kismac] [OpenSVN] r79 committed.

  • From: gkruse.bi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 23:40:17 +0000

gkruse  Thu Feb  9 23:40:13 2006 UTC



    Fix "Save Filtered Nets" bug with modified patches by themacuser.  
    Now, if it is the first time a file is saved or if the user chooses Save As
    while there is a filter, the user will be prompted to save all nets or      
    filtered nets.  Their choice will be remembered as long as the current file 
    open.  If the user changes their mind, they will have to choose save as     
    instead of save.  This seems to me to be the most workable solution for the
    following reasons:
    1)  By default all nets are saved
    2)  This doesn't prompt the user if the file is saved using Apple Script
    3)  The user still has the option to save the filtered list if desired.
    Please give this a try, if you don't like it or have a better work around,
    feel free to speak your mind
    Also in this patch:
    User is always prompted when exporting if there is a filter.
    White space cleanups from the original patch to match the code
    formatting in the rest of the project
    his line, and those below, will be ignored--
    M    KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanController.m
    M    KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerScriptable.h
    M    KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerMenus.m
    M    KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerScriptable.m
    M    KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanController.h
    M    KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptController.m
    M    KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptAdditions.h
    M    KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptAdditions.m
    M    KisMACng/CHANGES
    M    KisMACng/Resources/Generic/KisMAC.scriptSuite

  Flag Changes    Path
  U    +5 -1      KisMACng/CHANGES
  U    +6 -0      KisMACng/Resources/Generic/KisMAC.scriptSuite
  U    +2 -0      KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanController.h
  U    +19 -1     KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanController.m
  U    +17 -0     KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerMenus.m
  U    +3 -0      KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerScriptable.h
  U    +10 -2     KisMACng/Sources/Controller/ScanControllerScriptable.m
  U    +1 -0      KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptAdditions.h
  U    +4 -0      KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptAdditions.m
  U    +1 -1      KisMACng/Sources/ScriptingCore/ScriptController.m

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