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  • From: Lee Lindquist <inaudiblenoise@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:07:03 -0600

In response to your question - the channels are not completely alone in their frequency band. There is some overlap and RF bleed between the bands, so although the Main Channel remains constant, the signal is still partially picked up on the other channels surrounding it, because the channels do, in fact, overlap. There are only 3 non- overlapping channels, 1, 6, and 11.

On Feb 16, 2006, at 7:35 AM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

Well, this is interesting. It had been a while since I'd tested KisMAC Airport Extreme passive by manually turning off the Airport first - and I think that must have been under 10.4.3 - but now, under 10.4.5, it seems to work like a charm. Not a safe mode boot or anything: everything else is still running, I just turned off the Airport in the menu, opened KisMAC, selected the Airport Extreme passive driver, and away it goes. Then quit KisMAC and turned on the Airport again... no problems.

So, perhaps something between 10.4.3 and 10.4.5 fixed it for me... but now it looks like I've got the same deal Seth gets: manually turn off the Airport prior to opening KisMAC, and it works. I swear that *didn't* work when I tried it a month or two ago...

... so anyone else who's not tried that technique since updating to 10.4.5, give it a try!

Finally - a query: does anyone know why the channel of each network keeps changing when passive scanning using Airport Extreme? Every cycle through the channels, each network currently being detected appears to change the channel number listed beside it. The "Main Channel" in the network detail screen remains constant, but the "Channel" changes (from 1 through 4 for the downstairs apartment's Airport network [main channel 1], and from 4 or 5 through 11 for my network [main channel 8] and another one somewhere nearby [main channel 11]). Just curious, that's all.

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