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  • Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 01:08:56 -0800 (PST)

This reminded me of something ive beenwondering...
I made a usb toothbrush (electric toothbrush that is
powered by usb) and i wondered if it was possible to
controll it through software, as in controlling power
and disabling power to a usb port. also, after using
it, (several days after, i think, maybe weeks) the
mobo would go bad. is there any chance that the
toothbrush would cause a mobo to go out? i only used
the 2 power wires, not the 2 data wires (maybe you
send data over the power wires too?)

anyway thanks for the reply, and if it is possible it
would benice for other usb devices ie a flylight or
flyfan to controll the brighness or speed of the fan

--- Pat Heidingsfelder <heidingsfelderp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Ok,  this is not really about kismac, but everyone
> here is very 
> knowledgeable and helpful.    I am trying to get my
> new gpsmap 60C to 
> work with virtual PC.  The problem is I think OS X
> is hijacking the USB 
> connection to the gps when I plug it in!!!  So, my
> question, is there a 
> unix command to see what is plug  into the usb port?
>  and maybe disable 
> it??  I know very little about unix, so any help is
> appreciated!!
> Thanks

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